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our vision

Delivering insight, inspiration and innovation to Agencies globally.


Our Purpose & Values

We exist to inspire agency owners to improve their business. We share the best possible advice that helps agency leaders and their teams achieve their goals.

We are passionate about our approach and live by our values. This is our commitment to you.

The Truth Hurts.

“We are not “yes people” we will tell you what you should hear, not what you want to hear.”

Honest, Straight Advice.

“We don’t share what we think, only what we know from experience. You can be assured we will always give you advice that has your best interest at heart, not ours.”

Your Success is our Success.

“We understand the more successful we make you, the more successful we become. Working in partnership we can achieve mutual success.”

Shortcut your Growth.

“We can coach you to find the right answer or we can tell you the answer, and work with you to deliver the solution. We only share tried and tested strategies. We will also share what doesn’t work so you can avoid the pitfalls.”

Always Adding Value.

“We really understand that we are an investment to you, and are always thinking of ways to deliver a return on that investment to you, tangibly and intangibly.”

Friends not Foes.

“Agency businesses should be fun at heart. Whilst a lot of what we do is supporting you to overcome the challenges we know you will face, we are emotionally invested and whilst we will push you to achieve your potential, we guarantee you will have fun on the way.”


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How we work


Cactus are the UK’s leading Agency growth consultancy. We have worked with over 1,000 agencies globally over the past 10 years many of which are recognised as some of the fastest growing agencies in their territories.

Work with us, and you can tap into our extensive experience, incredible expertise and world class network of contacts to get you where you want to be, and quickly.

We understand the challenges you face, whether it’s defining your strategic direction, identifying new opportunities for growth, improving your financial robustness, marketing and client services.

Cactus is uniquely placed at the heart of the Agency Sector to provide you with insights and knowledge that are relevant to your business and services.

We are here to help you realise your Agency’s true potential and it’s true financial value.


We hold over 30 events annually to give you the insights you need to evolve you and your agency business forward.

Our events will connect you to Industry leading people who share their real life stories and learnings to help you build a Best in Class Agency.

If you would like to attend one of our one-day conferences, round tables, socialising drinks events, walk and talks or golf days then please connect with us using the contact form below.


Whether you are looking to accelerate your growth through acquisition or seeking to buy agencies to complement your existing services or geographies, Cactus offer you an end to end M&A service, as well as access to our wide network of agencies around the globe.

We also help agencies prepare their business for sale and help maximise the value they have created.

We also have a deep understanding of all the players in the market place and what they are looking for.

We have experience of being involved with Agencies that have both bought and sold, and that first hand insight gives you a more honest understanding of the options available to you.


To assist freelancers and early stage agencies scale their businesses to the first £3-5M in revenue Cactus consultants Spencer Gallagher and Peter Hoole wrote an award winning, 5-star rated, Amazon best selling book called Agencynomics.

The book is available for UK in Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook format. We have also tailored a version of the Paperback for global clients

To purchase the book click here


"Every now and again you make a decision as an agency owner that takes the business to the next level.

Our journey with Cactus over the last year has seen our biggest ever increase in revenue, improvements across all our departments, and been the catalyst for the most exciting period in our 14 year history.

Laurent Maguire, KYAN.



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